TransMen… do they matter?

I know some trans men. I’ll name some of them: Jerra, Andrew, Curt, Brian, Junior, Andrè. You cannot say I’ve never encountered a trans man.

But I’m wondering why trans men don’t storm the gender castles, so to speak. Trans men are not a threat to anyone, male or female. Yet trans women are always in the news. They rape and impregnate and threaten women and young girls, and they invade women’s sport.

Is this a concerted knee-jerk reaction to the feminist movement? Is this neo toxic masculinity dressed up as gender identity rights?

The men I name at the beginning of this post are not quasi-lesbian trans men. They are the alters of a young woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder. They truly are male in every sense except in biology.

I see them struggle to get guy work because they have a woman’s identification document. They face ridicule and name-calling. Now they follow the news to see how society might finally accept them. But they see trans women use gender politics to invade women’s safe spaces. These guys are especially protective of their host personality, a woman who was horrifically abused by her father as a young child. They, more than most, know how important it is for women and girls to have safe spaces.

Love you guys! I’m your biggest fan and will always be cheering you on. Thank you for allowing me to write your story♥️

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