Recognition is nice…

I’ve been very busy with the first draft of a novel so I try to stay away from the vast rabbit hole that blogging is. But I got a small affirmation in the mail yesterday and we all love affirmations.

I wrote a screenplay, Dream Reaper, which won three US awards in 2021. So I wondered what would happen if I rewrote it as a short story. Because it’s a dystopian tale, I figured it might qualify as sci-fi, and I entered in the L Ron Hubbard Future Writers contest.

I’m so pleased it at least received an honorable mention, but I’m thrilled beyond words that a certificate arrived from the US, and we now know that South Africa is not yet a fully dystopian country because our mail service appears to be functioning.

I may yet have what it takes to publish a book, and South Africa is still further away from being Dystopia than I thought.

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