Recognition is nice…

I’ve been very busy with the first draft of a novel so I try to stay away from the vast rabbit hole that blogging is. But I got a small affirmation in the mail yesterday and we all love affirmations.

I wrote a screenplay, Dream Reaper, which won three US awards in 2021. So I wondered what would happen if I rewrote it as a short story. Because it’s a dystopian tale, I figured it might qualify as sci-fi, and I entered in the L Ron Hubbard Future Writers contest.

I’m so pleased it at least received an honorable mention, but I’m thrilled beyond words that a certificate arrived from the US, and we now know that South Africa is not yet a fully dystopian country because our mail service appears to be functioning.

I may yet have what it takes to publish a book, and South Africa is still further away from being Dystopia than I thought.

3 responses to “Recognition is nice…”

  1. Wow, this is a bit of a dated post, but I’m stoked for you still! To receive recognition from the Future Writer’s contest, how awesome. I’m subscribed to their newsletter and never dared try. You bring hope to writers like us who don’t operate from the US!


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