the end?

I’m not sure what process other writers use, but I start with the title of the novel and then I type The End beneath it.

This can be a problem when the title just won’t emerge, and it might take a while. But once there’s a title, half the battle is won. Then it’s just a matter of filling the space between the title and the end with about 90k words. See how easy writing a book can be?

When the title of my latest completed manuscript was settled (We, Cathleen), I knew I couldn’t just type The End beneath the title. It didn’t want to be there, and the story didn’t want it there either.

So I asked one of the main characters (and he’ll argue that he is definitely the main character) how it should end. He didn’t even think about it; it was obvious to him all along, as it should have been to me. So I will use it to end this post, and you can let me know what you think.

peace out

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